Email #4: Offer to Buy an Audiobook

Hello _____!

This email is part of a series of practical advice on how to deal with the stress of being arrested. This is not specifically related to your case.

I want to buy you a great audiobook! This one is called Sober Curious. The author is Ruby Warrington, a young lady in her 30s, who decided that alcohol wasn't improving her life. She didn't have a "problem", she just looked at the pros and cons and realized that alcohol was detrimental to her goals. She makes a strong point that social events are BETTER without alcohol.

For many of us, getting Sober Curious begins with a simple question: Would my life be better without alcohol? - Ruby Warrington

I also stopped drinking alcohol myself a few years ago for the same reason: I was not getting anything helpful from drinking and the brief pleasure was not worth feeling lousy in the morning. I decided that I wanted to focus on family, creativity, and building the law practice. It has been a highly productive time!

If you would like to hear what Ruby has to say, just reply "Yes, please!" to this email. We will send you the audiobook for FREE. When you receive the email, you will need to download the App and create an account, but you will NOT need to put in credit card info or anything like that. This book is my gift to you. If you already have an Audible (Amazon) account, let me know, we can gift it through them too.

I hope this will be valuable for you. As always, if you have any questions about your case, please call or email us!