Email #14: Sleep

Hello _____!

This is part of a series on dealing with the stress of being arrested. It is not specifically related to your case.

This may not be the most exciting topic, but we should talk about sleep. How are you sleeping? Do you get enough (7-9 hours). It is obvious that sleep is essential to better health. But, it also leads to better decision making and greater focus.

For example, do you have a good mattress? Maybe now is a great time to invest in a new mattress? The prices have dropped over the years. Now you can get a new one delivered to your door from Caspar (for $800). Personally, I bought one online from Tuft and Needle. It is excellent.

Sleep is the Swiss army knife of health. When sleep is deficient, there is sickness and disease. And when sleep is abundant, there is vitality and health. - Matthew Walker, PhD, author of Why We Sleep

I bought an interesting sleep aid that I now use. It is a sleep headband with bluetooth speakers that you can listen to while you go to sleep. It allows me to listen to an audiobook (with a 30 minute sleep timer) in bed. I love to listen to biographies or a history books. I go to sleep within 10 minutes, every time. Also, if I wake up too early (4am) I just put the headband back on, start the book again, and I'm asleep again.

Or, maybe now is the time to invest in new bed sheets and pillows?

The bottom line is that getting better sleep will always improve your life. 100% of the time. If you try something and it makes a big difference, let me know!

I hope you find this useful. As always, call us if you have any questions.