Email #1: The Arrest is an Opportunity

Hello _____!

This email is the first in a fifteen-part series of practical advice on how to deal with the stress of being arrested. This is not specifically related to your case.

"The things that seem to oppose our goals are often the raw material for achieving them."

I love this quote because it is true and it certainly applies now.

I believe that a pending criminal case is the perfect opportunity to make positive life changes, to discover new skills, and to reach a better place when the case is over.

During my eighteen years of experience in criminal defense, I’ve watched many clients make significant and lasting changes prompted by the stress of being arrested. Often the benefits happen fast enough to make a positive impact on the case as well.

To encourage and guide my clients I've developed a multi-stage strategy of practical and actionable advice for finding opportunity in the current situation.

Stage 1: Listen to smart, wise, and experienced people talk about life, relationships, and success.

How do you do that? Podcasts.

Podcasts are an incredible resource of inspiring conversations with extraordinary people. While they’ve been available for many years, it always surprises me how few people listen to them.

Here are three great podcasts that have inspired me:

1. The Tony Robbins Podcast: Why We Do What We Do

2. Unmistakable Creative: Why Your Only Move That Matters is Next

3. Entrepreneur on Fire: Your Starting Point for Long Term Success with Andy Andrews

I am confident that you will recognize something in these podcasts that inspires you as well.

Listening is free and easy through your smart-phone. Just download the Stitcher App, listen through iTunes, or play it on a web browser.

Extra Challenge: Listen to these podcasts while walking around the neighborhood, a park, or running on a treadmill. The combination of smart ideas and physical movement is a powerful motivator.

Extra Challenge #2: Share your thoughts about the podcasts.

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I hope this will be valuable for you. As always, if you have any questions about your case, please call or email us!