texas Temporary Driving Permit

Texas Temporary Driving Permit

What you need to know.

WHAT IS THE Temporary Driving permit?

It is the driving permit that is given to someone who has been arrested for a DWI in Texas.

How long does it allow me to drive?

It allows you to drive for 40 days after the arrest... unless you or your attorney requests an ALR hearing within 15 days of the arrest - in which case the permit lasts until the ALR hearing happens.

What does the permit look like?

It is just a piece of paper that is included with the paperwork you get when you leave jail.

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I was arrested for DWI but did not get a temporary driving permit.

There area few scenarios where you might not receive one. 1. You voluntarily gave blood (and they don't know the BAC yet). 2. You had an out-of-state license. 3. They forgot to give it to you (this is rare).

Can I drive like normal with a temporary driving permit?

It depends on the bond conditions set by the judge. The temporary driving permit itself won't have any restrictions, but the judge may require an Ignition Interlock Device or have some other rules. It is best to check with a lawyer and see what the rules are for you.

What happens if I get pulled over? Do I have to show the permit to the police officer?

Yes, but the officer will look you up in the DPS system. The online system will tell the officer if you are eligible to drive or not.

When do they give me my old license back (that they took)?

Never. You should try to get a replacement license immediately after you are released from jail. This is not against the law. You will not get in trouble. First, try doing it online. If the online system won't let you, make an appointment with DPS and get it in person. If you don't do this quickly, you might be without a physical driver's license for a long time.

I'm nervous. How can I figure out whether I'm allowed to drive?

You can always look yourself up on this DPS ELIGIBILITY WEBSITE. If this site says you are "eligible," then you are allowed to drive.

What happens if it says "not eligible?"

You should talk to your attorney about getting an Occupational License. Here is an FAQ about Occupational Licenses.


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