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Austin DWI Towing: Where's my car?

Austin DWI Towing FAQ

Q: I got arrested for a DWI. How can I find my car?

A: The sheriff's deputies will give you a sheet of paper with the towing company's info when you are released. You can also find the car on

Q: How much will it cost?

A: Most tow companies charge approx. $225 for the first day and $25 for each day after that.

Q: What type of ID do I need to bring?

A: Any government ID. For example, a temporary paper ID from DPS, CHL, passport, green card. I have heard that they will occasionally accept the bond paperwork from the arrest. However, you should call the tow company in advance to confirm.

Q: I'm upset about the arrest. Should I express my anger to the employees of the tow company?

A: No. They will not care that you are angry. Almost everyone they deal with is angry. I suggest that you attempt to be calm, polite, and patient. Or have someone else communicate to them for you.

Q: I have some more questions. Can I call you?

A: Absolutely. Call our office at (512) 472-1113, e-mail us at, or fill out the form below.

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