COVID-19 & Travis County Courts

How the virus is affecting court cases in Travis County: Updated 3/16/20

Q: Are the Travis County Criminal courts shut down?

A: Not exactly. The court’s basic functions will continue. However, all court dates (unless you are in jail) will be reset until after May 8th, 2020. The judges want as few people coming to the courthouse as possible.

Q: What is my new court date?

A: We don't know yet. Each court is telling us at different times. Rest assured, we will email you when we get the new date. But if your court date is before May 8th, you will not need to come to court for sure.

Q: What about meeting with my pre-trial officer? Or CES evaluations? Or classes?

A: Anything before May 8th will likely be reset. However, contact the person or agency and confirm.

Q: Do I still have to follow the rules?

A: Yes. The judge, pre-trial services, and the probation department will continue to monitor you during this period.

Q: Can I come to the office to watch my video or meet about my case?

A: Probably not. We are also social distancing. Of course, I am available to talk over the phone and in some cases we can share computer screens if necessary. Contact us via email before you call, please. We are likely working from home, so we will need time to get info about your case before we can answer questions.

Q: Are you really still working? Or is this like a vacation for you?

A: Working! This situation is unprecedented. The entire court system is trying to figure out how to handle it. We're doing everything we can to help our clients navigate this...

Q: You told me to take a 12-hour class & the MADD class. Should I still do those?

A: You can now take the MADD 2-hour class online. Here is an FAQ about how to do it. You should wait until the health authorities say it is ok to meet in groups again to take the 12-hour class (there is no online version of that yet).

Q: Can I still get an occupational license if my license is suspended?

A: Yes.

Q: Will this situation hurt my case?

A: No. It is just a temporary freeze of the process.

Q: I have more questions.

A: No problem. Email us. And please stay safe and follow the recommendations of health officials.