OK. I’d prefer a dismissal. How do I get in the program?

First, we must request permission to apply. The County Attorney does a quick evaluation of the facts of your case. Your BAC must be below .15 and there cannot have been a collision of any kind. Once they approve our request, you must fill out an application (I have attached it below). There are two short essays that you must complete. You should do these on a separate document so that we can review/edit them. To get into the program, you must accept responsibility for the DWI. They will not use this against you (even if you do not end up in the program). They also ask, “DWI Pretrial Diversion is more appropriate for me than probation because:” (which is a weird question since you probably do not know much about probation). The answer to that question is some form of “I don’t need to be supervised (like I would be on probation). I am committed to not drinking for a year. I will successfully complete the PTD program.”